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Wasd v2 mechanical keyboard

23 February 2014

Yesterday my birthday keyboard arrived from California.

When the decision for what keybaord to get came around, I had two choices :

- Wait for the CODE mechanical keyboard to come back into stock with some MX greens.

- purchase a WASD v2 with some MX greens.

The main difference is that with the CODE keyboard I would have had backlit keys, but they all would have been the same color. Whereas with the WASD, I was able to choose the color of all the keys. This is what I ended up doing(as the title indicates) and decided to match the colorscheme of the keys to what I currently have at work. That and I got to pick some Tux OS keys ;). I waited 2 weeks before letting impatience get the better of me and ordering the WASD.

Anyway, here she is :