17 May 2013

General Thoughts on Summer

Sitting in the library prepping for the last test before the break, just taking some time to breathe. The first year at college has been a wild transition. Met many people, learned many things, scored an internship, progressed in terms of programming. Over the summer and into December, I will be working a co-op in town for GE aviation, programming flight systems and routing programs. Primarily I will be working with Visual Basic, and though I would much prefer C#, I am excited for the chance to work in a formal programming environment. They use Git to manage their control versions locally, so I'm glad I took the advice of a career fair recruiter and learned it over spring.

After today, I have two weeks of free space. I intend to do some catching up with my friends on Guildwars, because classes. Just ordered a highly recommended headset 50% off, can't wait to try it out. Finally won't have to use my laptop next to my desktop as a Skype reliance.

Life is good.

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