19 Mar 2018

Pok3r Mapping

Mapping reference that I'm using on my pok3r keyboard.

To map a key:

You can continue mapping in programming mode by hitting key combinations followed by pn.


esc -> fn + esc fn + esc -> esc

l\_meta -> l\_super l\_super -> l\_meta

 -> backspace backspace ->\\

capslock -> left ctrl left ctrl -> capslock

R\Ctrl -> Fn

note: this effects only the layer you are on, fn transforms into super after this.

  • unplug keyboard, flip switch 4
  • hit fn, then r\ctrl
  • hit pn, pn to keep position
  • turn off switch 4

and now we can have nice vim-like arrow keys:

fn + h -> fn + j fn + j -> fn + k fn + k -> fn + i
fn + l -> fn + l

swap (the now available) right win alt:

r\_meta -> r\_super r\_super -> r\_meta

When away, here is an autohotkey script to achieve the same (minus the arrow keys):

#SingleInstance force


::Backspace Backspace::\\

+BS:: KeyWait, Shift Send, {|} Return

LWin::LAlt LAlt::LWin

RWin::RAlt RAlt::RWin
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