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Last edit: <2020-08-11>

Archiving CD's on linux

1. Mounting data CD’s/DVD’s

You might have to install one or both of these packages: cdrecord cdrkit to get the iso9660 mount type (you can check if you have support with cat /proc/filesystems | grep iso9660)

Peek at ls /dev/sr* for the devices, or lsblk for the rom type to get your mount address.


mount <dev> /path/to/mountpoint

or, more explicitly:

mount -t iso9660 <dev> /path/to/mountpoint

2. Getting the content from a Music CD/DVD

With cdparanoia:

cd /place/to/store/tracks
cdparanoia -d <dev> -B

3. Backing up to an ISO

dd if=<dev> of=/path/to/label.iso bs=128k

4. Mounting an ISO

mount /path/to/image.iso /path/to/mountpoint/ -o loop