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Last edit: <2020-06-09>

Pinebook Pro

I’m typing this on a new pinebook pro that I’ve had for about a week. I’m rolling with the default manjaro image so far, just slapped emacs and bspwm on the bad boy and treat it like a little lispy hacktop. Like everyone said, the build quality at $200 is great. So far the battery life seems stellar, and I can just sling this thing around with me, I want to take it everywhere. That said, it’s slow as balls, and I definitely appreciate my buttery-smooth workstation upon return.

Some time back, like many dotfile havers do, I wrote a stow-equivalent script, which I called stOwO. It has the luxury of assuming the location of the dotfiles repo, and tries to match the link path style of stow. Like many scripts used only for the personal deployment of inconsequential things, it is poorly tested. This means I’m used to having to do some poking on a new machine where I setup my dots to get things going.

This time I had things in place for a few days before muscle memory made me to try and ’stow’ something – to my surprise I didn’t have stow installed! Guess stOwO + my bootstrap script is getting to a usable state (for me)!

🗿 🗿 🗿

It’s currently 5AM and I’m on the porch with 2 kitties. They haven’t gotten much porch time lately, so they are very content (they throw themselves against the concrete to scratch their backs, it’s fun to watch).

An internet friend, Tudor, is currently persuing the goal of having the “most portable home” with systemd-homed and Nix – The idea being that with Nix you could bootstrap all the packages you need, without the need for NixOS (and, of course, all the systemd-homed cool stuff). As a very lazy nixos user who puts everything in the global config, this didn’t appeal to me much until now – the act of `pacman -S <package>` everytime I realize I’ve forgotten something I want is very annoying, especially if I’m away from an internet connection. Slapping Nix on this and being good to go soon™ would have been much more magical. But then I wouldn’t feel as much pressure to thrown NixOS arm on this machine.

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This post is a little wander-y. One of my goals for this month is to write more, for a few reasons:

So far, I have been writing a little more this month, if only in my journal. Thinking of this blog as “wiki-like” helps defeat the anxiety point above (the idea being that an unfinished/imperfect thing is A-OK to put out there). When I think of the blogs I enjoy stumbling upon, there is a feeling of intimacy WRT the glimpse into people’s lives you can get (even if the content being shared is technical). I suppose I want to contribute to that feeling of sharing.