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May Days


There’s a nice post/site/idea circulating around, 100daystooffload, which encourages people with personal blogs to post once a day for 100 days with low pressure requirements. This notion really vibed with me, I think because I’ve spent a fair amount of time tweaking this site, and not nearly as much time actually putting stuff out there. So… consider this the first post of that. I plan to toot these posts to join in on the feed of other bloggers doing the same thing.

1. Site Meta βš“

I think here I’ll just layout some of my goals for this site even existing:

  • reference material for myself (and potentially have my stuff corrected by others)
  • reference material for others (it should be easy to share to an anchor link)
  • “wiki like” content, where it’s not a big deal if things are edited (this is why every post has a link to it’s git history and there are different sort orders on the front page of the site)
  • selectively publish posts to an RSS feed
  • high integration with my environment (emacs) such that my editing experience in posts leaks to other areas of my workflow
  • writing can help clarify thoughts, and take things from “fuzzy” to concrete
  • feel π™°π™΄πš‚πšƒπ™·π™΄πšƒπ™Έπ™²/match some rice looks
  • feel OK “offloading” here/nonsense posts as well
  • copy/share stuff I want to preserve (like nice poems or something)

2. High level May goals βš“

  • conquer the ’hardcore’ section here at >80wpm https://10fastfingers.com/top1000 (maybe the goal should be 90wpm? the star jump is from 80 to 100)
  • write more (wowie)
  • keep working out (been doing so every other day)
  • “get good” at (ongoing/vague currently – I’ve got some specific projects noted down in my org notes)
  • start searching for a job? part of this ties into the feeling of “getting good” at the above