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Published 2020-02-07, last edit 2022-07-09

A potential backronym for rice is Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements, supposedly a term taken from the car mod community to refer to changes/mods that were done mostly for aesthetic reasons (IE performance was not affected or went down). Anyways this term has been adopted to digital interface modding, mostly the desktop customization community. It can be considered a term of sarcastic affection sometimes, because many blursed ideas come out of the inspo’d aesthetic wants. Over time you start to see the same trends over again, and make the same friends post and develop some “opinions” about whatcha like. As for myself, I like the control and the journey of bending the computer to my will, with the blended environment that is afforded to me with emacs in $(date +%Y), year of the linux desktop. Getting ideas and inspo from people’s dotfiles + projects is a great part of that.

Alright, here are links to some places and people in the community.

1. Places #

2. People #

These are some people I’ve encountered and maybe even stayed in touch with over the years(!), or derived inspiration from in one form or another. Given the nature of the internet, I expect many of these links will die. Additionally, I’m sure I forgot many, as this list kept getting bigger the more I thought about it.

Seraphim R.P.addy dots ⋄ adrift ⋄ apkbaskerville dotsburntsushibushidoboy dotscamille dotscosarara dotscosumudcat dotsdysfigured dotsenju dotseti dotsfyrgreduanhalfwit dotshazel dotsicyphox dotsjiaxsunjosuah dotsjschx dotskiedtl dotskori dotslains dotslambdacomplex dotslazr dotsleliana dotslucy ⋄ lunarmage ⋄ lynn dotsmobo dots ⋄ mofukka ⋄ mort dotsnerdypepper dotsneronil dotsnoctuid dotsonodera dotsquad dotsrocx dots ⋄ schisma ⋄ sdhandsircmpwn dotsspoonm dotssulami dotstudor dotstwilyuncled1024 dotsvain dotsvenamwindelicato dotswinny dotsxero dotsyuppiez3bra dotszzzeyez