VirtualBox setup on Arch Linux

Published 2014-02-04, last edit 2019-02-24

99% of this should apply for other distros as well.

So, where I currently work, to work via a remote connection, we must be using a windows machine, or else we get a nice little message informing us that our OS is not supported by their remote service. This can be a tad annoying at times.

Regardless of the reason, a nice virtual machine can be very usefull to have.

Enter virtualbox, currently available from the virtualbox package on most repos.

Note: on Arch, you may have to use the “” command before starting VirtBox, if you get an error on startup concerning kernel modules.

I primarily use windows7 x64, but there are many versions available for use, officially from microsoft.

After setting up a new machine, you can mount the ISO onto it and install as if to a regular hard drive.


POST installation:

There is an extension to virtual box that allows you to do some pretty cool things, such as emulate multiple monitors or use a window outside of the virtual window.

This extension is installed via an ISO provided by the virtualbox website:


just navigate to your version, download and mount from there.