Published 2013-08-04, last edit 2019-02-19

This past week has been crazy. Went in to work on Saturday and ended up working from noon to 8, had a good time though. Got some decent overtime in, and pizza and mountain dew was had by everyone who was at the office. My manager has not been getting sleep, since we are in the equivalent of finals week for our process. This has lead to him being very loopy, but overall more fun to work with.

On Friday night, me and the new roommate(Sven) LAN’d it up over at Ryan’s house. Had the opportunity to see the leap motion in action, and holy cow, was it ever worth it. There are many opportunities for this device in the future, but since it has only come out in the past month or so, it is still pretty rough. However, you do get the ability to fly around in Google earth using your hands. Currently, no convenient method exists for mapping motions to keys, though.

The leap motion has a path paved out for it though. It can recognize motion and gestures and use them to store MIDI files, a sound type used by many applications. It should be possible to use midi files to map motions into a key. I look very forward to this in the future. Imagine, Skyrim, where one hand is your sword and the other your shield?! Beautiful.