CrunchBang 11

Published 2013-05-29, last edit 2019-02-24

Alright, so, after quite a bit of trial and error, I finally have my laptop configured the way I want it to be. In a duel boot with CrunchBang(#!) and Windows 7. Windows is necessary for compatibility of certain software(e.g. Visual Studio and Microsoft Office). Initially when configuring this, I simply shrank the windows partition of the hard drive in the Windows hard drive manager, and then followed the steps off of the #! cd. to my dismay, this broke the windows installation and rendered it unable to boot. There was no worry though, as I was able to access all the windows files and back them up. After much off and on, the solution was to install windows on an initially small partition, then install Ubuntu into the free space, and finally replace the Ubuntu partitions with the #! installation. kind of loopy, but this way the grub loader works with both windows and #!. So far openbox, conky, and terminator have been a blast configuring, and with the ability to rdesktop into my home windows computer, I can effectively develop for Windows from #! as well.