General Thoughts on Summer

Published 2013-05-17, last edit 2020-10-31

Sitting in the library prepping for the last test before the break, just taking some time to breathe. The first year at college has been a wild transition. Met many people, learned many things, scored an internship, progressed in terms of programming. Over the summer and into December, I will be working a co-op in town for GE aviation, programming flight systems and routing programs. Primarily I will be working with Visual Basic, and though I would much prefer C#, I am excited for the chance to work in a formal programming environment. They use Git to manage their control versions locally, so I’m glad I took the advice of a career fair recruiter and learned it over spring.

After today, I have two weeks of free space. I intend to do some catching up with my friends on Guild Wars, because classes. Just ordered a highly recommended headset 50% off, can’t wait to try it out. Finally won’t have to use my laptop next to my desktop as a Skype reliance.

Life is good.